Welcome everyone! | ShawnLane.com

Welcome everyone!

Thank you for visiting the all-new & updated
OFFICIAL Shawn Lane destination!

This is the only official site managed and run by Shawn’s family and estate. We are all very excited to inform everyone that we will be adding some fresh content updates, exclusive media, and sharing some great stories! This new layout will allow each family member to participate, as well as anyone else that happens to stop by. Posting a comment does not require registration.

For those who may not know me, my name is Trevor, Shawn Lane’s nephew and Tina Lane’s son. Back in 2003, I made the first Flash version of ShawnLane.com, which became quickly outdated. Up until now, I have been so busy with school and work that I haven’t had time to do a proper re-design. But finally, the new version has been officially launched, with a few layout tweaks yet to come.

If you find any bugs or have problems with the site, please e-mail me HERE

  • http://www.facebook.com/sonny.bruce Sonny Tina Lane Bruce

    Great job, Trevor!! I love it…and i’m looking forward to hearing from SHAWN’S friends and fans here….and to us ALL sharing “SHAWN STORIES”!!! He was an AMAZING, BRILLIANT and WONDERFUL man… I ADORED HIM …blessed to be his sister, i hope to keep his MEMORY and his MUSIC ALIVE ALWAYS!!!! SUCH GREAT INSPIRATION!!! TY Shawn!! :)
    LOVE INFINITY!! ~ Tina

  • http://www.facebook.com/kettilr Kettil Rejving

    Great new page, Trevor! I am excited to see this and am looking forward to seeing it grow.

  • http://www.guitarch.com/ guitarch

    Way to go Trevor! Great to see this professional site.Thank you for your work and all the hours. I’ve played guitar for 40 years, and have always hesitated to say who is the best, but no longer. Looking forward to seeing/ hearing some fresh content! Will the site eventually offer Willjay’s collection, for sale? Thanks,

    • http://www.ericgalesband.com/ Crafton Barnes

      Willjay’s collection was never actually Willjay’s and therefore that entire video collection has been transplanted to the official Youtube channel you see linked here. With all due respect to Willjay and his support.

      • Elliott Law

        Understand about the videos, but as a musician I find the audio recordings of HLS even more amazing.Will there be an online shop, and will it offer the audio recordings?

  • Al Williams

    Hey Trevor, the site is looking really amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing the Discography and some more unseen photos especially of Shawns’ guitars and gear. Best wishes

  • http://www.facebook.com/davidjlosi David Losi

    Nice redesign! Love it!

  • john marshall

    I hope you get the merchandise part sorted out and up and running. I am not too happy with youtube, it is ripping off musicians who depend on royalties to pay the bills (myself included) and the artists and their heirs need to be compensated for accessing these creative works which took so many years to perfect. MUSIC IS WORK. No one would go to work for free — why download music for free ? People who are just hobby musicians don’t get it. Keep up the good work, JOHN MARSHALL

  • Antonio

    Great Site! So happy to see this tribute to the Master of Masters!

  • Tsuji T

    amazing site! I’m very happy to see all!
    btw shawn’s Q&A was closed out?

  • john t

    Awesome site. Shawn’s music was historic and magnificent.

  • Catherine MacDonald

    This young man had amazing gift,you must be very proud.