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Happy 50th Birthday Shawn!

Let us all around the world celebrate, for today is the birthday of the musical legend Shawn Lane. We were so lucky to be blessed with him and his music. When he played, he was truly happy. He no longer experienced any pain.

“He came alive on stage and he was free”.

For those that didn’t have a chance to meet the extraordinary man — his genuine kindness and laughter radiated positive energy to all that surrounded.

If you have the opportunity, please play a song for him today.

Rest in peace, Shawn!   We truly miss you.

With endless love,

Your family, friends, and fans

  • http://www.facebook.com/sonny.bruce Sonny Tina Lane Bruce

    “Shawny Boy” …”HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAESTRO”..we miss you and love you so much…you were the greatest brother anyone could ever hope for and a truly gifted and brilliant human!! I’ll never stop missing you…YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!! i LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART…FOREVER & INFINITY!! Rest in Peace <3

    • Jeff B,

      I just discovered this site. I am listening to a copy of Paris, which just showed up at my door a few minutes ago. I am sorry for your loss. i hope is Birthday memorial celebration went well. I would look forward to seeing some footage or photos of the event,

      I am sorry for your loss, as is the musical world. Know that he leave a great and wonderful legacy behind him for others to discover. Thanks for keeping his memory alive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kettilr Kettil Rejving

    Happy 50th year Shawn!

  • Dave Morgan

    I’ve only just discovered Shawn but have found his story very encouraging. I’ve played guitar in bands since growing up in Liverpool on the 60′s and now have psoriatic arthritis. Getting this news was rather depressing as it’s incurable, though synptoms can be treated. However, it was heartening to read of Shawn’s life and how he managed to excel in guiotar playing regardless of the disease. Thanks Shawn.